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About Happy Offspring Services

Birth support you deserve for growth

At Happy Offspring, our aim is to provide you with guidance and assistance in making well-informed choices about pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. We strongly believe that every woman deserves to experience an empowering birth. As women, it is important to know that our bodies are made with the strength to birth a baby. However, we understand that this life-changing experience can be overwhelming for some as it is not easy to navigate through the myriad of information out there. What can be trusted? Whom should I listen to? Our role is to help you stay grounded in your emotions as well as to provide the necessary information that you need throughout your childbirth journey. Be assured that we will provide you with essential support as you welcome your bundle of joy with loving arms. 

Our Doula, Ms. Shaheeraa Khan, is a certified childbirth educator, birth & postpartum Doula trained with Childbirth International as well as AMANI Birth. She is also a breastfeeding counsellor for breastfeeding mothers support groups and an avid volunteer at a local shelter supporting pregnant women. To learn more about her experience and services, feel free to contact her via email at or mobile at +65 8452 5020.