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Post Partum Doula Support

The after care you deserve

Support after birth is not a luxury. It is a must. For mothers who has just gone through childbirth, it is important that she receives the care and support during this time so that she can have a great start to her motherhood journey.

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Labor support

Your sherpa to guide you in our childbirth journey

Prior to labor, we are available 24/7 from week 37 onwards until your baby is born. In person labor support includes guiding you through he different stages with education, breathing & relaxation techniques, encouragement , massage, changing position and other comfort measures.

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Unbiased Information

Here to offer you a plethora of evidence-based information

Doulas are a wealth of knowledge about all things birthy and baby. We will educate you on the latest information on evidence based practices. Then it is up to you on what decisions you would like to make. As a Doula, we do not make the decision for you.

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Mama Tribe

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to raise a mother

At Happy Offspring, we are big on offering the virtual support to new mothers.On the first Friday of every month, we host a support group for mothers to receive support from other mothers.


++ Mama Tribe Singapore is set up as a volunteer service collaboration between Doula Shaheeraa Khan from Happy Offspring, Nura Ahmad, prenatal & postnatal yoga specialist from HerTribe and the team of Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractors from Organic Family Chiropractic to enable Mums to build their village and surround themselves with support and education from healthcare professionals in a casual and informal setting ++